Folks, meet Grace Srichantra, our brand new and first ever communication intern. As you can see by her “talons out,” she is a go getter.


Grace is a student in Public Relations at ULM. This past semester, I was invited to speak to one of the classes I used to teach. I spoke of the importance of internships, and after class, Grace contacted me and asked to get involved. That is exactly how it should happen!

For her first assignment, Grace will do some research to learn more about Master Naturalists in general, and our Northeast chapter in particular. The first project she will help me with is our January media blitz.

Yes! It is time for us to go public in a big way. Grace and I discussed timing and agreed we should wait until after the holiday fuss is over. Using our January members meeting with guest speaker Chris Doffitt of Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries as news hook, we will issue press releases and schedule appearances on community oriented media programs.

Welcome aboard, Grace! So glad to have you.

Oh, and BTW, Grace’s name is pronounced pretty much just like it looks: “Sree CAN truh.”



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