Our First Quarter 2018 meeting is just around the corner:

January 9, 6:30 – 8 p.m. at the Black Bayou NWR Visitor Center

We will have a guest speaker: Chris Doffitt of Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries will talk with us about Lousiana’s Natural Areas Registry program.

After Chris’ presentation and discussion, we will have a half hour meeting. I’ll publish an agenda next week. All are welcome to participate in the meeting, but only dues-paying members may vote–should we need to vote on anything.

IMGP8104 72-15
Great Blue Heron, Tensas NWR     (photo by Bette Kauffman)

And why a photo of a Great Blue Heron in the middle of this post? Last week I needed to go to St. Joseph one day, so I went down Hwy 425, turned east on Hwy 4, and drove up the Fina Road Access into the south end of Tensas NWR. Just as I approached a bridge over the Tensas River, I noticed a blue heron on the other side of the road at the edge of the woods.

There was a little space to pull over on the approach to the bridge, so I did, and carefully lowered my window to make a few shots. The bird just stood there and looked at me, so I decided to get out of my car. I slowly, carefully opened the door and stood up, at which point the bird hobbled and flopped into the woods.

Clearly, the bird was injured and could not fly. It was heartbreaking to see. Not wanting to stress the bird more than I already had, I did not attempt to follow.

But… should I have called Wildlife & Fisheries? In general, what should we do, if anything, when we see injured wildlife? I intend to ask Chris to talk about that at our meeting.

See you there!

2 thoughts on “Coming soon!

  1. Bette,

    Please refer to the links below as it pertains to rehabilitating injured wildlife.

    http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/wildlife-rehabilitation-program (information on becoming a wildlife rehabilitator).

    http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/rehab (a list of wildlife rehabilitator and the animals they accept for rehabiliation).

    In general we refer all calls concerning injured wildlife to these rehabilitators unless it is a bald eagle or black bear.

    Hope this helps and looking forward to speaking to the group!


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