If you have attended any meetings or perused this website, you know that Louisiana Master Naturalists – Northeast is a chapter of the statewide Louisiana Master Naturalists Association.

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Although we as a chapter will do things that are not directly related to certification, producing Certified Master Naturalists is part of our mission. If you are interested in becoming a certified Master Naturalist, put this event on your calendar NOW:

1st Certification Workshop, March 10, 2018

This first workshop will equip participants with some basic skills they will need to become Master Naturalists, including but not limited to outdoor ethics, observation, journaling/recording in words and images, interpretation, contributing to databases such as iNaturalist, and more.

All of the details have not yet been settled, but the workshop will be 5-6 hours at Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge and will include both classroom and field time. Participants need to be prepared to walk! Nova Clarke, BBNWR Ranger, and me, Bette Kauffman, will be primary workshop leaders, but I am also pursuing a 3rd person to help with some aspects.

Because the skills taught at this workshop are so basic to everything else, this will be a required workshop. If you want to become a Master Naturalist, you must complete this workshop.

More information about the certification program and this first workshop will be forthcoming. For now, just get it on your calendar!


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