Next Saturday, February 17, at 1 p.m., I will give a PowerPoint presentation about Louisiana Master Naturalists at the Union (Parish) Museum of History and Art in Farmerville at 1 p.m. Although I will focus on us–the Northeast Chapter–I will give an overview of the statewide organization.


The image above illustrates how the state is divided into 7 chapter service areas. I will talk about our statewide mission and the state Board of Directors and Officers.

Up to this point, Stuart Hodnett and Bette Kauffman, as co-founders of the Northeast Chapter, have been our representatives to the state Board. Now that we are full members of the LMN Association, we are entitled to three representatives to the state Board.

So… who would like to become our third representative to the state Board? It can be any member in good standing. You do not need to be an officer or a chapter Board member.


The above excerpt from my PowerPoint lists the key statewide officers, and as you can see, the LMNA Board is currently without a secretary. Again. this person can be any member in good standing. Thus, YOU could become a representative of the Northeast Chapter AND the statewide Board Secretary in a heartbeat! Again, don’t be shy…!

One other point I will make is that in our relatively short time of existence, the Northeast Chapter has 23 members from 7 of the 12 parishes in our service area. Please note below the parishes from which we don’t have members and think about who you know in those parishes who share our values and vision. Let’s get all 12 parishes involved!


Finally, be reminded that my presentation is in conjunction with the “Wild!” exhibit at the Museum, which includes our own Charles Paxton as one of the featured artists. Can’t wait to see Charles’ work!

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