We are ready to roll! Our first certification workshop, Basic Field Skills, is scheduled March 10, 8:30 – 3, at Black Bayou Lake NWR. And I have just finished making website changes so you can register!

Click on the “Certification” tab at the top of this page and you will find a Workshop Agenda, a “Buy Now” button for paying through PayPal, and a Workshop Registration Form that can be printed and mailed with a check if you prefer.

To make sure that everyone has an optimal experience, our workshops are limited to 25 participants each. Therefore, please do not delay in reserving your seat in the workshop.

Even if you are already a member of Louisiana Master Naturalists–Northeast, you must reserve your seat in the workshop and pay the $25 fee. Non-members are welcome as long as we have space.

Please check out the agenda and note that you need to bring a few things with you, specifically a brown bag lunch, a small notebook and pen for journaling, and a camera (phone cameras are fine).

And please dress for a hike! Yes, of course we will go outdoors! It will not be a long, grueling hike, but we will spend about an hour putting our skills into practice.

I’ve already registered! See you there.

IMGP5119 72-25
Black Bayou Lake     (photo by Bette J. Kauffman)

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