Y’all! Hope you haven’t forgotten our 3rd Quarter Meeting this coming Sunday at 1:30 p.m. at Poverty Point World Heritage Site. I hope I’ve provided an accurate map this time!

I will be hightailing it to PP from Grace Episcopal in Monroe, but should get there by about 1 p.m. If anyone can’t make it by 1:30, don’t worry. Come. We’ll be on the premises somewhere and you can join us. Our meeting will not begin until about 4 or 4:15 p.m.

Here–in somewhat random order–is what’s on our agenda:

1. The usual organizational business: brief reports from treasurer and membership chair. If you haven’t already renewed for next year, you can do so at the meeting.

2. T-shirts: Hope you’ve looked at Kim Paxton’s designs and considered the questions I put forth below. We need to make a decision that will enable our t-shirt committee to proceed. I want an LMN-NE t-shirt! Yesterday!

3. Certification: A brief review of what I posted below, plus a little discussion of our interpretive project requirement.

Image 12-3-18 at 12.19 PM

4. Camp Hardtner project: The news is good, but brief.

5. 1st Day Hike: I want to do this but none, NONE, are offered in the State of Louisiana. What can/should we do about this?

6. Plans for next year: Besides finishing our first certification round, what do you want to do? And what do you want to do to help make it happen?

See you Sunday. Don’t forget to bring you own water and snacks, and dress to walk. Remember that we need to leave PP by 5 p.m. sharp.

2 thoughts on “Agenda, etc.

  1. There ARE first-day hikes in Louisiana. Several parks hosted them last year. I know that the Lake D’Arbonne State Park is hosting one this year. They would love “partners” to join them as they are now “without a director”, but the staff that remain would like to see the park return to more nature programs, etc. So they are organizing the hike. Would be great to support their efforts. The hikes there are very scenic. One includes a waterfall.


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