March 23, 9 – 3: Geology with Gerry Click

Folks, this one had to be moved. It was originally scheduled March 2, but that is the Saturday before Mardi Gras. Gerry Click is a really, really nice guy, but, hey! The committee did not notice or we would never have scheduled it that day.

Gerry Click

So it’s now rescheduled March 23. Sure hope y’all can accommodate the change. And… Gerry says we’ll do our field work at the J. C. “Sonny” Gilbert WMA near Sicily Island. Yay! Now I just have to find a place near there where we can do our classroom work. On it!

April 13, 9 – 3: Bugs with Dr. Natalie Clay

This is a new one, just added to our calendar a week or so ago.

Dr. Clay is a faculty member at LaTech. Last April she received the prestigious Elton Prize awarded annually by the British Ecological Society for the best paper in the Journal of Animal Ecology written by an early career author at the start of their research career.

Dr. Natalie Clay

No details on this one yet, but I’m sure we’ll convene in a LaTech classroom then go somewhere out that way for field work. Dr. Clay’s response to my suggested timing: “Yes, should be lots of bugs around then.”

BTW, this is the first of a new cycle of workshops. Of course, the way we have set up our certification process, it really doesn’t matter. All are welcome up to 20 people.

May 4, 9 – 3: Plants with Dr. Charles Allen

Again, Dr. Allen will meet us somewhere south of here. We are hoping the ULM Biological Station, Charles Allen Nature Preserve does NOT flood this year.

Y’all know a bit about Dr. Allen by now. He will introduce us to basic plant identification terminology using specimens he brings with him, then get us into the field identifying plants ASAP.

Wild Lettuce (Lactuca ludoviciana)
Dr. Charles Allen

Since parking at the Biological Station is pretty limited, I’ll be looking for a place in Columbia for us to convene, then car pool the few minutes it takes to get to the field. There are no permanent toilet facilities out there, so I just might rent a port-a-pottie for us so we don’t have to drive back to Columbia for lunch.

This is our first “repeat” workshop. As usual, all are welcome, but I will give registration priority to people who did not do the plants workshop last year and need it to complete their certification process.

It’s a busy, busy time of year. Look for another post soon about a photo contest opportunity and the LMNA silent auction fundraiser.

And just for good measure…. after everyone else had driven off Saturday, I was still poking around the edges of Russell Sage, and found the moss below. Yesterday, I posted this on iNaturalist, and within minutes had received an email inviting me to participate in a citizen science project around this moss. How cool is that?!

Common Bladder Moss (Physcomitrium pyriforme)
Common Bladder Moss (Physcomitrium pyriforme)     (photo by BJK)



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