2020 Board of Directors

President: Bette J. Kauffman,

Vice-President: Anne Bloxom Smith,

Secretary: Kimberly Paxton,

Treasurer: Charles Paxton,

Membership Secretary: Roselie Overby

Additional Board Members: Jeff Barnhill, Stephanie Herrmann, Suzanne Laird-Dartez

Quarterly Meeting Program Committee: Stuart Hodnett, Charles Paxton, Suzanne Laird-Dartez

Board Member terms expire in December each year, as follows:

  • Dec. 2021: Bette Kauffman, Stuart Hodnett, Stephanie Herrmann
  • Dec. 2022: Roselie Overby, Jeff Barnhill, Kimberly Paxton
  • Dec. 2023: Suzanne Laird-Dartez, Charles Paxton, Ann B. Smith


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