Upland hardwood forest at Wafer Creek Ranch.

Dr. Johnny Armstrong and his family own Wafer Creek Ranch, designated by the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program as a Registered Natural Area. Dr. Armstrong is working with The Nature Conservancy to restore the shortleaf pine community (nearly extinct in Louisiana) on the property.

The Nature Conservancy speaks of Wafer Creek Ranch as “a great example of private landowner restoration.” LaTech faculty and students have worked with Dr. Armstrong documenting birds on the property, beginning a plant inventory, conducting a soil lab, and more.

Dr. Armstrong will speak at 5:30 p.m. at the dedication and naming of Lomax Hall Auditorium on the LaTech campus this Thursday, Oct. 5. Dr. Terri Maness, a member of Louisiana Master Naturalists – Northeast and a biology faculty member at La Tech, made sure we got invited. I plan to be there, and hope some of you can be there, too.

The photo above comes from “Road Tripping in Louisiana,” a slideshow on The Nature Conservancy website.

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