Louisiana Master Naturalists – Northeast requires 10 hours of volunteering and 10 hours of continuing education annually to maintain active status as a certified member. Volunteering should be done with a recognized conservation or environmental group doing work in support of our mission to conserve and educate. Continuing Education must be participating in programs that enhance your own natural history knowledge and conservation skills.

Record your hours here:

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Examples of appropriate volunteering in our area:

  • Assisting with Ouachita Green events, e.g. recycling days, clean-up projects, etc.
  • Volunteering at Black Bayou Lake NWR &/or Friends of Black Bayou, or any other NWR, Park, or designated natural area.
  • Service to LMN-NE, our statewide association LMNA, and/or any LMN Chapter.
  • Serving as an outreach ambassador, e.g., by taking our conservation message to schools, civic organizations, etc.

Examples of Continuing Education:

  • Enrolling in an LMN-NE workshop after you have become certified. (5 hrs cr)
  • Attending the educational portion of a quarterly meeting. (1 hr cr)
  • Attending workshops at Rendezvous. (1 hr cr/workshop)

If you are ever in doubt about a volunteering or continuing ed opportunity, ask an officer about it before you go.