Charter Board Formed

Louisiana Master Naturalists – Northeast is delighted to announce that our charter Board of Directors has been formed.

Our statewide parent organization, Louisiana Master Naturalists Association, requires a a 5-member charter board to be in place in order to apply for a matching start-up grant. Our five members are:

Jeff Barnhill – retired; avid explorer of natural areas

Nova Clarke – Ranger, Black Bayou National Wildlife Refuge

Stuart Hodnett – Executive Director, Ouachita Green

Bette Kauffman – retired; lifelong wannabe biologist

Stephanie Herrmann – Director, Union Parish Library

I was going to tell you a bit more about these folks, but I’ve misplaced a couple of emails, so I’ll leave that for later and try to do a brief profile of each Board member.

We will be seeking to add additional Board members in the coming year in order to reach the number required by our by-laws, yet to be adopted. In the meantime, we are negotiating via email to find a time to meet in the next few weeks.

Our first orders of business will be to elect officers, adopt by-laws and apply for a start-up grant from our statewide parent organization, Louisiana Master Naturalists Association.



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