First ever what? Thanks for asking. First ever presentations of final certification projects by members of Louisiana Master Naturalists – Northeast. How exciting is that?!

So mark your calendars: July 14, 2019, 2:30 p.m. at Black Bayou Lake NWR. Come and see what your peers have done and bring friends who might be interested in what we do. This event is open to all.*

Here’s what you will see, probably in this order:

Healing Nature Ad copy

Healing Nature by Kim Paxton – Kim turned to this topic because she is a caregiver. Her presentation will include a tri-fold display and a short talk. I am so looking forward to this. I have long believed that the world would be a better place if more people took to the woods more often.


Camp Hardtner & the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program by Bette J. Kauffman – This presentation will be a PowerPoint with talk of about 20 minutes. The project itself is multi-faceted and ongoing, but the presentation will familiarize you with what goes into putting a property in the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program, plus give you a glimpse of the wonders of Camp Hardtner.


Why join the Louisiana Master Naturalists – Northeast? by Charles Paxton – We all know Charles is the video guy, and he is living up to his calling! This presentation will feature all the wonderful things we’ve been doing and places we’ve been. And we’ll be able to use it as a recruiting tool.

So that’s the line-up. My excitement is matched only by my anxiety at the amount of work I have to do to be ready!

One more thing: As our certification requirements specify, the projects must be evaluated by a committee of three, of which at least one must be a member of our board. I am pleased and thankful that Nova Clarke, board member, Amy Ouchley and Arthur Liles have agreed to be our first “jury.”

I plan to invite our local workshop leaders, although I know that Dr. Joydeep is back in the Himalayas doing research this summer. You are encouraged to invite family and friends. This will be a celebration of who we are and what we have done.

A couple of BTWs: 1. We’ll either be in the Visitor Center or the Education Building at BBL; it might depend on how many people come. 2. After the presentations, weather permitting, those who wish will….    wait for it…                                         go for a hike, of course!

Special note: I do not recommend bringing small children who might have trouble sitting reasonably quietly through three presentations.

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