Ecosystems & Restoration Ecology, Sept. 14, 8:30 – 2:30

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Dr. Joydeep introduces us to our field work in Kiroli Park at our August 2018 workshop.

Once again, Dr. Joydeep Battacharjee of ULM will lead this workshop. We will begin in Kiroli Park, as we did last year, but he is going to look at trail options. Kiroli has several, so we might walk a different trail than we did last year.

The classroom portion of the workshop will again be in West Monroe. I don’t have a space reserved for that yet, but I’m looking.

Over our lunch break, we’ll move to Restoration Park and reconvene in the pavilion at the main entrance, 700 Downing Pines Road, for our afternoon field work.

It can still be pretty hot in September, and that’s why the 8:30 a.m. start. My apologies to those who drive from greater distances.


Fungi, Oct. 26, 9 – 3

Dr. Laura Sims

This is a brand new workshop for us! Our workshop leader will be mycologist, Dr. Laura Sims. So glad that La Tech added a mycologist to its faculty!

We don’t have the details of this one worked out yet, but we will convene at La Tech for classroom work and do field work after lunch as usual.

Suzanne Laird Dartez whetted my appetite for this topic with her excellent certification project presentation last Sunday afternoon, so I am especially delighted that we can offer this workshop.

And that’s a segue to mention that I owe you another blog post – one about those presentations, all three of which were approved by the jury. Suzanne, Kalem Dartez and Susan Hoover have all completed requirements for certification. I’ll get to it asap!

Note: The featured photo at the top of this post is a white-tail deer crossing the water in Restoration Park, West Monroe.



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    I’m sorry we missed the second round of LMNNe certification presentations, as the subjects were all very interesting and pertinent, but I’m thrilled to share information about the forthcoming workshops on Restoration Ecology and Fungi! I love Dr. Bette Kuffman’s image of a White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) running through the water at West Monroe’s Restoration Park!


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