Registration is now open for the third workshop of our second cycle: Basic Field Skills. This is a required workshop for those who wish to become certified Master Naturalists. If you missed our first offering of it back in March 2018, don’t miss this opportunity.

The workshop is scheduled Saturday, January 25, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., in the Education Center at Black Bayou Lake NWR. It will include classroom and field work on the Refuge, so come prepared to be outdoors. The cost is $25.

Louisiana Master Naturalists Rendezvous 2018
When we are in the Education Center at the Refuge, it is entirely possible Grumpy the pine snake will make an appearance!     (Photo by Charles Paxton)

For those who took our first offering of this workshop back in 2018, some of the material will be new, as our instructors have continue to develop their own knowledge and skills. However, 1) you may not take the workshop a second time to count toward certification, but 2) you may take it again for continuing education credit.

Our instructors are Amy Ouchley on writing and sketching, Bette Kauffman on photography and iNaturalist, and Nova Clarke on natural history interpretation. Amy has been involved with LMN-NE since it’s beginning and is nearing completion of her Master Naturalist coursework, Bette Kauffman is co-founder and president of LMN-NE and one of our first certified Master Naturalists, and Nova Clark is Ranger at Black Bayou Lake NWR.

Louisiana Master Naturalists Rendezvous 2018
Amy Ouchley teaching at our first version of this workshop.     (Photo by Charles Paxton)

Click on the Certification tab at the top of this web page. There you will find a link to a flyer giving more details on the workshop, a PayPal button to pay for the workshop online (you are automatically registered), and a link to a registration form you can print and mail in with a check if you prefer. You may also make arrangements with Bette Kauffman to pay on site.

Finally, if you have credit due to paying for a workshop that was cancelled, OR if you have completed six workshops and wish to claim this one as your free 7th, let Bette Kauffman know and that will be arranged.

See you the 25th! In the meantime, don’t forget our 1st Quarter Mtg this Sunday, the 19th.

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