I have been AWOL from blogging for at least a couple of weeks, and for that I apologize. The best way to explain why is to tell you a bit about my current solo exhibit.

Pinewoods Lily (Alophia drummondii)
Pinewoods Lily (Alophia drummondii)     (photo by Bette Kauffman)

I installed “Creation Considered: Creature Encounters of the Fifth Kind” last Friday morning at Northminster Church, 2701 Lamy Lane in Monroe, and it will be up until March 13.

On the flyer, I describe the exhibit as a “theology of creation in images and texts,” but if you are uninterested in theology, I think you will still find the images worth a visit. So far, the folks at Northminster have responded with gratifying words of praise.

The exhibit is comprised of 23 framed images, ranging in content from wildflowers (like the one above) to critters (a snake, a ‘gator, and more) to landscapes and skyscapes. Along with these images are carefully selected quotes and poetry, the quote sources ranging from Jesus to Charles Darwin. A few of the poems are mine, having been inspired by my encounters with creation.

The church opens weekdays at 9 a.m. and is open until at least noon. If you want to go in the afternoon, it would be good to give them a call to make sure someone will be there: (318) 388-3717.

After completing its run at Northminster Church, the exhibit will be available to additional venues. Let me know if you know a place that might like to have it.

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