Everyone needs a few from time to time, right? So here’s a few.

+Aquatic Life – It’s the Little Things, our 4th certification workshop, is next Saturday, June 23rd. A few seats remain!

+Rendezvous 2019 is scheduled March 15-17 at Fountainbleu State Park on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain. Yes, that’s a ways for us to drive, but ever since our state board discussion of the possibilities there, I can’t wait! So plan now.

+Species Lists – are linked to the “Observe…” tab of our website. I have posted the one for our 2nd quarter meeting hike at Heartwood, but have one correction to make. I’ll soon post one for the herps workshop.

+Blog posts archive – Please note that every word I post here is available to you in perpetuity. (Perhaps not good news? Sorry!) Go to the right hand column and scroll down for the archive. It’s a drop-down menu right under “Photo of the Week.” Of course, if you have no idea in which month I posted something, you’ll have to do a bit of searching, but it is all there.

+Kids – Please be reminded that kids are welcome at our meetings and any “family fun days” we plan, but not at certification workshops. I mention this because I heard of a rumor that kids were at a certification workshop. Not true. No one under 18 allowed at a certification workshop.

Cypress @ Chemin 10"
Magnificent Baldcypress (Taxodium distichum) on Chemin-A-Haut Creek     (photo by Jeff Barnhill)


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