Have you ever looked at a swamp or lake and wondered about the life contained in a drop of that water? I do it all the time! Here’s our opportunity to find out.

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Registration is now open for the June 23 Aquatic Life workshop. Go to the Certification tab on this website to pay via PayPal and secure your seat. The workshop 4 flyer is also there to download. It tells you all you need to know to be prepared for a successful day, so read carefully.

Here are some highlights:

1. We convene early – 8 a.m. – at the boat ramp at Black Bayou Lake. Aquatic life is more active earlier in the day and it will be cooler.

2. We will go out onto the water in canoes and kayaks. We have reserved FOBB’s, but feel free to bring your own. If you bring your own, be there early enough to have it IN THE WATER by 8 a.m. sharp. Even if you are not bringing you own, if you can arrive by 7:30 to help launch canoes, please do.

3. After a couple of hours on the lake, we will be in the education center. Our workshop leader, Dr. Anna Hill, has borrowed expensive scopes from ULM for us to use. Due to the need for technology and individual attention from workshop leaders to understand what we are looking at, this workshop is limited to 16 participants. Register now to secure your seat.

Again, please read the flyer. It contains valuable information. As always, if you do not wish to pay via PayPal, shoot me an email. I will reserve you a seat and collect from you that day.


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