We were all so glad we stayed the course and conducted our quarterly meeting at Poverty Point today! Yes, it was a tad cold, but it didn’t rain. A little muddy, but we were wearing boots. And the grey skies did not dampen our spirits.

The staff at Poverty Point was awesome. Eric in the museum demonstrated  the technique whereby the ancient people of Poverty Point drilled holes in all kinds of things–including rocks to be tied to fishing nets to facilitate casting.

IMGP6195 72-15
About to lead us to the top of the biggest mound, Ranger Mark explains that we really don’t know why the people worked so hard to move all that dirt in such a short period of time to build the mound.     (photo by Bette J. Kauffman)

Ranger Mark taught us to throw a spear using an adle-adle, then took us on a hike around the mounds, explaining what we think we know about the people, what they did and why they might have done it.

IMGP6177 72-15
Terri Maness’ great arm action makes good use of the adle-adle and her spear soars toward but falls a bit short of the target.     (photo by Bette J. Kauffman)

Here are a few highlights from our meetings:

!. We will join the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations. This will enable us to get a discount on liability insurance to protect our officers and board members in the event of a lawsuit.

2. We decided to keep the logo given us by the statewide association and put it on the front of our t-shirt in the breast pocket position. We chose two back designs, the Louisiana waterthrush and the bear sniffing fire pinks. Kim Paxton and Suzanne Laird-Dartez will now research t-shirt printing options.

3. We agreed that the same officers should continue for another year for the sake of continuity, given we are such a young organization. However, Stephanie Herrmann asked to be replaced as Treasurer due to time pressures and Charles Paxton agreed to take that position.

4. We formed a Certification Committee consisting of Bette Kauffman, Charles Paxton and Suzanne Laird-Dartez. This committee will address the issue of interpretive project requirements/guidelines and will plan the next cycle of certification workshops.

5. We would like to form a Program Committee to help plan our quarterly meetings and family fun outings–anything else we want to do. One person was nominated to work with the president but has not been asked yet. Anyone interested in working on this committee, please respond to the president ASAP!

Good meeting! I’ll be working on updating the calendar with a host of upcoming events. Look also for a blog post soon on a 1st Day Hike opportunity.

IMGP6206 72-15
Standing near the top of the largest mound, I suddenly realized that the heavy rains of the last few days had done us a huge favor. The shallow ridges constructed in concentric arcs oriented toward the mound were made visible because the lower areas between them held several inches of standing water. The people lived on these shallow ridges.     (photo by Bette J. Kauffman)`


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