But “no” to June 1. More on that below.

If we survive Monday, which looks a little grim for northern Louisiana, the forecast for Saturday is “sunny,” all day. Dr. Allen is ready and waiting. It looks like we will finally get Workshop 1 of our second cycle in the books.

So… here’s the link to register for Basic Plant Identification this coming Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Register Here

I am going to Camp Hardtner Tuesday and will check out the ULM Biological Station near Columbia that we have been wanting to visit. However, given the amount of rain we have had and how high the water was last time I checked, I am not hopeful.

We will most likely meet Dr. Allen at the gas station in Georgetown for a repeat of last year’s workshop. I will email all who register for the class later this week to let you know for sure.

IMPORTANT: If you have paid for a workshop that had to be postponed due to weather and now want to use that payment for this Saturday’s workshop, please let me know.

Also, Dr. Natalie Clay must postpone. She must travel June 1 and will do research abroad this summer, thus the Bugs workshop must be rescheduled in the fall. Thus if you paid for the Bugs workshop, you might want to use that credit now for Basic Plant Identification.

And, of course, if you do not have credit for a workshop, you can pay online via PayPal at the link above, or email me that you want to pay on site. The flyer on the certification tab of this website is still good except for the date.

IMGP0523 72-15
Pale purple coneflowers (Echinacea pallida) dance in the breeze along a roadside in central Arkansas.     ©Bette J. Kauffman


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