So I’ve lost track of what plan we are on for the start-up of cycle two of our Master Naturalist Certification workshops! Whatever. Here’s the newest iteration:

May 25 – Basic Plant Identification with Dr. Charles Allen

Dr. Allen is awfully busy for a retired person (Hmmm, sounds familiar!), and he is willing to adjust his plans to do a workshop with us Saturday, May 25. Several people responded that they were okay with that date, so we’re going for it.

Regarding location, we will very likely follow the plan that was set for today (May 4). However, I will be monitoring water levels at the ULM Biological Station, Charles Allen Nature Preserve near Columbia. Should this infernal weather give us a break and the water level drop, we’ll move it.

June 1 – Bugs with Dr. Natalie Clay

The power is back on in Ruston! At this time, I am assuming our bugs workshop with Dr. Clay will go forward as planned, with classroom work at LaTech and field work at the LaTech Arboretum.

Re payment: If you have paid for a workshop that has been cancelled or rescheduled, please know that you have credit. If anyone wants their money refunded to them, please just let me know. Otherwise, I will use it for the next workshop you are able to attend.

Now for a couple of visual treats, a plant and a bug…I think! I went to Dr. Allen’s edible plants workshop last Saturday. Here are gems from that experience.

IMGP9974 72-15.jpg
Spiderwort (Tradescantia reverchonii) – This is the plant of the day from the Allen Acres Facebook page, which I just shared to the LMN-NE Facebook group. Dr. Allen’s post includes a very handy key to differentiating between three common species of Tradescantia.     ©Bette J. Kauffman
IMGP0025 72-15
Anyone know what this critter is? We went to Fullerton Lake to dig ground nuts (yummy!) and I saw this. I’m guessing some emerging stage of something yet to be!     ©Bette J. Kauffman

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