The Louisiana Master Naturalist Association Board of Directors met last Friday, Sept. 6, at the Louisiana Arboretum at Chicot State Park for one of our two face-to-face meetings per year. Fourteen of 21 Board members were present.

Fall LMNA Mtg 2019
Attendees at the LMNA Board Meeting, left to right: Marty Floyd–VP, Acadiana; Bob Thomas–Pres., Greater NOLA; back row: Bette Kauffman, Northeast; Tracey Allen, Greater BR; Janie Braud–Treas., Greater BR; Liz Manhart, Greater NOLA; Angie Normand, CenLa; Betsy Trammell, CenLa; front row: Debbie Frank, Southwest; Amber King, Greater BR; Clay Ardoin, Southwest; Larry Raymond, Northwest; Sonny Trammell, CenLa; Tom Goleman, Northwest.

Much of our work was rather tedious but important stuff Boards are elected to do! We did a line-by-line review of our organizational by-laws and came up with a list of changes–mostly things made possible or necessary by our greater maturity as an organization. These changes will be voted on at our next conference call meeting.

We also discussed the upcoming Rendezvous 2020, scheduled April 17-19, 2020, at Camp Hardtner. Much work is yet to be done to prepare, but we’re already excited. I am particularly pleased to report that I will present my certification project, “Camp Hardtner: 100+ Years of Restoration,” Friday evening, as it will help people plan where they want to hike while we are there. It will need some updating!

We began a process of creating a Policy & Procedures Manuel, something our Northeast Chapter also needs to do. And, last but not least, we decided to create a binder of information about the certification curriculum of each chapter to serve as a resource for people responsible for organizing workshops. I’m looking forward to having that to help us enrich our own educational experiences.

CH PP title

It was a productive and fun day. Serving on this Board is a great privilege.

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