So… it’s going to be cold, at least early. But the Trillium Walk is on! Don’t let a few degrees chill your enthusiasm. You know Louisiana. By the time we head into the woods, it’ll be warming up. Date changed to March 6, Probably won’t be cold!

Dress in layers so you don’t overheat as we walk. We will have a short but somewhat steep segment of trail. It’s not rocky, just covered with leaf litter. When we get to the top of the ridge, it’s easy walking and views of the river are wonderful. (See below.)

The Charles Allen Nature Preserve is about 2.5 miles past the intersection of Boetner and Fisher Rd. Look for my black Honda CRV on the east side of the road (that’s on your left as you’re coming from Columbia).

I’ll be at the entrance to the Charles Allen Nature Preserve by about 9:30 a.m. this Saturday (2/13/2021 3/6/21). Dr. Charles Allen himself plans to join us, along with his wife Susan and daughter Dawn. We’ll start into the woods at 10 sharp. I have also invited CenLa Chapter folks.

Please note that the map shows you how to get through Columbia. I trust you can get to Columbia on your own. And once you leave Columbia on Fisher Rd. you can’t go wrong. Just stay on Fisher Rd. and keep coming until you find cars pulled off on the left side of the road. It’s about 2.5 miles from the last intersection at the edge of town.

Again, hoping our birders will join us because it is Great Backyard Bird Count weekend, and this site is under-birded. Last I heard, Roselie was coming and she is in charge of keeping the bird list.

NEXT UP: Don’t forget! The Events Committee has scheduled a First Quarter zoom meeting March 7 at 2 p.m. Charles Paxton will distribute an invitation to the zoom meeting. Erin Cox, USWF Refuge Coordinator, will be our speaker and we will have a business meeting.

The Ouachita River from the top of a bluff on the Charles Allen Nature Preserve near Columbia, La.

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