Agenda, etc.

Y’all! Hope you haven’t forgotten our 3rd Quarter Meeting this coming Sunday at 1:30 p.m. at Poverty Point World Heritage Site. I hope I’ve provided an accurate map this time!

I will be hightailing it to PP from Grace Episcopal in Monroe, but should get there by about 1 p.m. If anyone can’t make it by 1:30, don’t worry. Come. We’ll be on the premises somewhere and you can join us. Our meeting will not begin until about 4 or 4:15 p.m.

Here–in somewhat random order–is what’s on our agenda:

1. The usual organizational business: brief reports from treasurer and membership chair. If you haven’t already renewed for next year, you can do so at the meeting.

2. T-shirts: Hope you’ve looked at Kim Paxton’s designs and considered the questions I put forth below. We need to make a decision that will enable our t-shirt committee to proceed. I want an LMN-NE t-shirt! Yesterday!

3. Certification: A brief review of what I posted below, plus a little discussion of our interpretive project requirement.

Image 12-3-18 at 12.19 PM

4. Camp Hardtner project: The news is good, but brief.

5. 1st Day Hike: I want to do this but none, NONE, are offered in the State of Louisiana. What can/should we do about this?

6. Plans for next year: Besides finishing our first certification round, what do you want to do? And what do you want to do to help make it happen?

See you Sunday. Don’t forget to bring you own water and snacks, and dress to walk. Remember that we need to leave PP by 5 p.m. sharp.

T-shirt Time

T-shirts! They are on our agenda for the December 9 meeting at Poverty Point. By the time t-shirt weather rolls around once again, I hope we will have t-shirts of our very own.

Kim Paxton has been busy generating designs, while Suzanne Laird and I have egged her on with ideas. Here are the four best results of her labors:



lmn bear sniff blue


LMNAB 9.6.18


So… I’m not going to say much about these. I do have a fave, but I think they are all really great. The group needs to decide which one(s) to use and how. Here are some options I think we have:

  • Keep our current logo of the Anhinga inside our name that was provided to us by the statewide Association, print it small on the front of a t-shirt, and choose one these designs to print large on the back.
  • Toss the logo provided by the state, choose one of these, and make it our new logo for everything. Print it large on the back of a t-shirt and small on the front or leave the front blank.
  • Keep the state-provided logo for the website and make a series of t-shirts, using two or more of the designs – and, over time, a few more! In fact, the Arkansas Native Plant Society has a whole bunch of great t-shirt designs. They are a larger organization than we are, but, hey, we’re growing. We could add to the series. I’m sure all of you could suggest some additions.
  • Make this our logo, put it on the front of a t-shirt, and go for something completely different, perhaps that doesn’t include our name, for the back of a t-shirt.

Please be thinking about these options and your preferences, and come Dec. 9 prepared to discuss.

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 8.29.56 PM

Plan for Poverty Point!

I finalized our 4th Quarter Meeting plans with Poverty Point just a couple of hours ago. It’s going to be a great day. Here’s the skinny:MeetingWe will be met by a Park Ranger who will give us some background on the site, answer our questions and lead us on a hike. Our own Roselie Overby will teach us a thing or two about birds and edible plants. She has helped Poverty Point in this role many times.

Poverty Point World Heritage Site

We will begin our 4th Quarter Meeting no later than 4 p.m., and, although I try to keep meetings to a half hour, we do tend to run over a few minutes. We will end no later than 4:45 because the Park closes at 5 p.m. I want us to be well out of the way so staff can do what they need to do and get out on time.

I do realize that 1:30 p.m. is a bit early for those of us who have a ways to drive. I myself will have to hit the road immediately at the end of my Sunday morning obligations. If you absolutely cannot make it by 1:30, come as soon as you can. We’ll be there and most likely won’t begin our hike until 2 or 2:15 p.m.

We will meet outdoors under a pavilion if weather permits; if not, there’s an indoor space we can use. Please bring your own water, snacks and whatever else you need to spend a few hours outdoors, as you are accustomed to doing. Here’s hoping for glorious weather to explore this amazing site.

Closer to the time, I’ll post Kim Paxton’s t-shirt designs, and I just realized I have another idea I really want her to work on. For the moment, enjoy another shot from our fun ULM Biological Station BioBlitz a couple of Saturdays ago.

Orbweaver (Genus Verrucosa)
Orbweaver (Genus Verrucosa)     (photo by Bette J. Kauffman)


This Saturday….

Two events this Saturday you shouldn’t miss: The Friends of Black Bayou Fall Celebration and the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council Brew on the Bridge.

Fall Celebration happens at Black Bayou Lake NWR. There’s a 5K trail run at 9 a.m., but everything else begins at 10 a.m. And “everything else” includes a long list of fun stuff for the whole family.

Louisiana Master Naturalists – Northeast will have a table in the Visitor Center alongside Ouachita Green, so stop by and say “Hi!” And if you see Charles and Kim Paxton–as you most likely will–be sure to thank them for this beautiful new brochure we have to hand out!

In addition to the Paxtons, Roselie Overby, Suzanne Laird and David Hoover will help staff our table, and Stuart Hodnett will be nearby at the Ouachita Green table.

Our new brochure featuring a terrific photograph from our herps workshop.

Fall Festival happens every year the Saturday of National Wildlife Refuge Week.

Brew on the Bridge runs 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. It’s an event of the Northeast Louisiana Arts Councils North Delta Food & Wine Festival and features dozens of craft beers to taste for just $10.

The Endom Bridge across the Ouachita River, from Cotton on the Monroe side to Trapp’s on the West Monroe side, will close early in the morning so that artist, artisan, food and beer vendors can set up booths, tables and the like all along the bridge.

Four Puzzles
Limited Edition puzzles made from Bette J. Kauffman photographs.

I will be there this year as a vendor with framed and unframed prints (some Limited Edition, some not), artist note cards and something new: Limited Edition puzzles! If you don’t spend your entire day at Fall Celebration, I hope you’ll stop by Brew on the Bridge.

BTW, I will also be handing out our new LMN-NE flyers at Brew on the Bridge! Sure do hate to miss Fall Celebration, and please know I have wailed long enough and loud enough that an Arts Council Board member has promised me that these two events will NOT conflict next year.

And just for the fun of it, because I need a good header photo, here’s one from last Saturday’s BioBlitz, which was a blast.

Spinybacked Orbweaver (Gasteracantha cancriformis)
Spinybacked Orbweaver (Gasteracantha cancriformis)     (photo by Bette J. Kauffman)

Events.. & a Great Idea!

The heat of summer is here, but lots of cool things are happening! Here’s a few for you to consider:

1. Summer Solstice Paddle – Thursday, June 21, Black Bayou Lake, 7:30-9 p.m. It’s an annual event and I hope this year to break my record of never having gone! That will depend on the availability of a canoe or kayak to rent, as I don’t have my own. Call the Visitor Center at 387-1114 to see if any are available.

IMGP5295 72-15
Boy Scouts head out onto Black Bayou Lake to participate in last year’s Ouachita Water Sweep.     (photo by Bette J. Kauffman)

2. Louisiana Peach Festival – Things have been happening all week, but the serious fun begins Friday the 22nd at 8:30 a.m. with a kid’s fishing tournament and continues all day Saturday and into the night. Here’s a link to the full schedule. I will be there Friday afternoon and you can probably get me to pose again next to my Honorable Mention photo in the NCLAC Peach Exhibit at the Civic Center. My favorite snake photo of all time will be at Ruston Artisans, along with several other pieces. Did I mention peach ice cream? It all happens in Ruston.

Broadbanded Water Snake (Nerodia fasciata confluens)
“Endless Forms Most Beautiful” at Rustin Artisans, by Bette J. Kauffman

3. Aquatic Life: It’s the Little Things – Saturday, June 23, Black Bayou Lake. Three seats are still available. See earlier posts and the flyer on the Certification tab for details.

4. FOBB’S Fall Celebration – Saturday October 13, Black Bayou Lake NWR, and this is where the Great Idea comes in. I hope you candidates for Master Naturalist Certification are still reading!

Fall Celebration is a wonderful family day put on by Friends of Black Bayou, with lots of activities and exhibits that are fun and educational, and showcase our fabulous refuge. Last year, LMN-NE was there with a table. We were brand new and had little to show, but Roselie and I shared our enthusiasm and signed up members.

This year… what if one or two or three of you who are working on certification created your interpretive project for us to showcase at Fall Celebration this year? That was Anne Bloxom Smith’s idea and I think it is a GREAT IDEA. Indeed, I am motivated to figure out what MY interpretive project is going to be and get working on it!

So start thinking about that, and I will devote a future blog post to some guidelines and requirements for interpretive projects for certification purposes.