You know the saying! Maybe you prefer “Life is what happens while you’re making plans!”

Either way, the ULM Biological Station, Charles Allen Nature Preserve has experienced serious flooding–both the low areas of the property and the access roads. Dr. Joydeep of the ULM biology faculty has informed me that the BioBlitz scheduled April 28 has been postponed until fall (no date yet), giving time for things to dry out, damage to be assessed, repairs to trails and bridges, etc.

Recall that we were going to participate in the BioBlitz as our 2nd Quarter educational activity and conduct our business meeting the last half hour of the day. Since that cannot happen, I am looking around and thinking about alternatives. We have many.

This also affects our certification workshop schedule, as Dr. Charles Allen will not be coming north for the BioBlitz, thus will not be readily available to us that weekend. Moreover, Dr. Joydeep is leaving for the Himalayas on a research trip with his graduate assistant at the end of the spring semester and has asked to move his workshop to July.

How about some lovely water oak catkins to soothe frayed nerves?

IMGP8836 72-20
Catkins of Water Oak (Quercus niger)     (photo by Bette J. Kauffman)

So…. keep your eye on this space as I take stock and reconnoiter! We will go forward with all possible haste. I will post an update as soon as possible, but since I am about to leave town for a few days, it might be next week.



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