Sorry for being MIA the past few days. I did have a great time in Chicago!

Certification Workshop #2 is scheduled Saturday, April 28, at a location near the Ouachita River Lock and Dam near Columbia. (More about that below.) Recall that we were going to do a BioBlitz on this date, but that had to be cancelled due to flooding of the ULM Biological Station site.

IMGP6165 72-12


Dr. Charles Allen was going to be at the BioBlitz and was going to do a workshop with us either the day before or the day after. Happily, he is still available, and so we will go ahead with a Saturday workshop. I hope you still have the date reserved!

The Certification page of this website has been updated; please register as soon as possible. And I do apologize to the birders, as I know at least some of you will be at the Ornithological  Society meeting. Problem was, Dr. Allen was still available and none of the other workshop leaders I’m negotiating with are available that soon.

I will provide more info and a map in a future post. For the moment, Dr. Allen and I visited this site a couple of years ago, and that’s when I took these photos. I plan to speak with the McDonald’s Restaurant in Columbia about us meeting and having the “classroom” portion of Dr. Allen’s workshop there, but as is Dr. Allen’s standard practice, we will spend most of the day in the field.

IMGP6188 72-12
Western Ribbon Snake (Thamnophis proximus)     (photo by Bette Kauffman)

More to come!! I’ll share an agenda as soon as I’ve cleared it with Dr. Allen. And, yes, pine straw is the pits, but sometime you just can’t move it out of the way!

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