Important announcements at the bottom of this post!

This coming Saturday, May 5, we’re hiking just for the fun of it. We will meet at 10 a.m. at the Short Stop Food Mart and gas station that sits in the median between south- and north-bound lanes of Highway 425/15 in Sicily Island. You can’t miss it!

No later than 10:10 a.m., we will caravan west on Highway 8 to the J.C. “Sonny” Gilbert WMA to hike. Because this is a WMA, everyone must carry a license or permit. The quickest, least expensive is a “hook and line” fishing license, available on the LDWF website for $4.50.

We will hike one of the two trails to see the waterfalls, take a break either at the park or back at the station, and then the diehards will hike the other trail to see the other waterfalls.

We will observe and record species–just for the practice and fun of it. Since Suzanne Laird is the leader of this hike, we will pay particular attention to birds. I will be hoping to add to my collection of bird photographs!

All welcome! Here’s a map of where we’re going: jcsonnygilbert map

Now, important announcements: a) We had a great plant workshop today; species list to come. b) I have added an “Observe…” page to the website to permanently hold our species lists so that you can refer to them easily. c) I have updated the “First Class Roster” on the Certification page with the attendees at today’s workshop.

IMGP5265 adj 25"
The reservoir at Georgetown, one of several locations at which we identified plants today.     (photo by Bette J. Kauffman)

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