I am more than excited! We have been invited to see the upland forest that surrounds the home of Kelby and Amy Ouchley and learn about this particular ecological niche. It’s scheduled Sunday, May 20, 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

You might recall that our 2nd quarter meeting was to be the BioBlitz that had to be postponed until fall due to flooding of the ULM Biological Station. Today I have found a wonderful replacement.

Kelby Ouchley

Growing up I thought a forest was a forest was a forest. Now I understand that forests differ dramatically. After Kelby posted his edition of Bayou Diversity today about upland oaks, I asked him where we could go to see a remnant of an upland forest.

Turns out, our options are extremely limited for seeing one in its completely natural state, but the Ouchley home is surrounded by a managed/restored one that is 140 years old. That works for me!

So get this on your calendar now. We will spend time hiking, and Kelby will teach us about the upland forest and all the relevant issues. Then we’ll spend a few minutes on the porch having a short “business meeting” while watching for fire-flies and listening to the chuck-will’s widows!

BTWs: 1) We have members who cannot attend Saturday events. That, and my own rather crazed schedule, is why I scheduled this on Sunday afternoon. 2) I will get directions or a GPS address from the Ouchleys and post that later.

Louisiana Master Naturalists Rendezvous 2018
Amy Ouchley teaches “Observe, Record, Reflect”     (photo by Charles Paxton)

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