The month of July is going to be a bit of a blur. I will be out of town several times for a few days each, plus other aspects of my life are being particularly demanding right now. So this post consists of a few things you might need to know, the first of which is, you won’t be hearing much from me for the next few weeks!

Certification: Prof. Gerry Click is a geologist at LaTech and is excited to do a workshop for us. No details yet, but it will be scheduled in the fall after school resumes.

The PayPal link for the August 4 Ecosystems & Restoration Ecology workshop with Dr. Joydeep Bhattacharjee is ready. Click on the Certification tab at the top of the page. Dr. Joydeep is out of the country right now, so I can’t give details on that one yet either, but go ahead and get registered.

The species list for our Aquatic Life workshop is in process, but this is an especially hard one! Roselie has provided a list of birds she saw and heard while we are out on the lake. I know a few of the things we saw with the microscopes, but not nearly all.

red-eyed beetle 72-10

For example, the above really cool-looking red-eyed beetle: What is it called? Those who participated, please go through your notes and send me a list of what you were able to identify–even if it was not a very specific identification.

3rd Quarter Meeting: I have not had time to work on this much yet. It might have to be in August rather than July, since July has turned into a whirlwind for me.

T-shirt: I really, really hope someone will step up to the plate and take on the t-shirt project. We need someone to figure out the best place to get them made and take on ordering, inventory control, sales and so forth. I thought the idea of making a collage of drawings was interesting, but I’m thinking we need to start simpler.

Fall Celebration: Don’t forget that FoBB’s Fall Celebration is Oct. 13 and we will be there. I hope to have some displays of certification interpretive projects. Let me know if you’re thinking about doing that. And, yes, I do remember promising a blog post with some guidelines, but don’t wait for me to start thinking and planning! 🙂

Stay cool and have a fun July.

damselfly naiad 72-10
Damselfly naiad missing one of it’s gill appendages but a cool critter nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “Odds & Ends

  1. Bette – what do you want from me as far as “species list” for the workshop. A list of species is not feasible for the invertebrates we observed under the scopes – only to the level of family, at best. I can tell you what every one of those were (except for the ciliates). – Anna


    1. Anna: Indeed, “species list” is kind of a misnomer in this case! If we get a list of families of the invertebrates, I will be pleased. I will email you what I have right now. I do also want the participants of the workshop to look at their notes. I’m hopeful they wrote down some things. We do these lists as an aid to learning. bjk


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