Our next certification workshop is scheduled September 15. Dr. Bill Patterson, Associate Professor of Forest Soils and Watershed Management at Louisiana Tech University, is our workshop leader.

I have sent Dr. Patterson a draft of an agenda for the day and will distribute it via email as soon as I hear back from him. In the meantime, here’s the outline of the day:

> 9 a.m. Convene in Reese Hall 219 on the Tech campus for classroom instruction. Topics include the hydrologic cycle, stormflow, land use factors, methods to measure water quality, and more.

> 11:30 a.m. Travel to Redwine Creek in Grambling for field work, which will include measuring streamflow, temperature, turbidity, etc., collecting and identifying fish, assessing water quality, and more.

Those who have chest waders or rubber boots should bring them. However, getting into the stream is optional. Those who wish to work from the bank with dip nets and collection buckets, or to observe plant and animal life along the stream will have plenty to see.

Of course, given that the predicted high for the day is 89 degrees, some of us might opt to just get wet! If you do, please make sure you have some kind of footwear safe for stream wading.

This sounds like another fabulous experience! Registration is open on the Certification tab above.

Chemin 3
This is Chemin-A-Haute Creek, NOT where we’re going for this workshop, but a lovely photo by Jeff Barnhill that I’ve been looking for an opportunity to share.

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