What a treat it was to meet in the Union Parish Library in Farmerville and see the shocking and compelling anti-littering campaign art exhibit produced by Treasurer Stephanie Herrmann and her patrons! It was an eye-opener. As  member of the Ouachita Parish Library Board of Control, I plan to make sure it comes to Monroe after it’s next stint at Black Bayou Lake.

Balloon Pelican

Kim Paxton’s minutes are linked below. I offer here some highlights of the meeting.

>Board of Directors – Suzanne Laird was nominated in absentia and was voted in to a seat on the Board by acclamation, pending the president asking if she was willing to serve. She said “yes”! Thanks, Suzanne. So glad to have you on the Board.

>T-shirts – Kim Paxton is working on designs and Suzanne Laird offered to help with the non-design aspects. Hooray! I hereby appoint Kim and Suzanne to be the t-shirt committee. If anyone else wants to help, please contact them. I will distribute designs via email so everyone can comment.

>Membership dues need to be renewed by the end of the year. A blog post will be devoted to that later this month. It was suggested and approved that we add a button to the website for people to donate an additional $5 when they renew so that we can make a donation to rebuilding the alligator exhibit at Black Bayou Lake.

Straw Butterfly cropOur guest speakers, Leslie Albritton and Micha Petty, engaged us thoroughly with their experiences as wildlife rehabilitators. We heard funny stories, heroic stories and sad stories, as not all injured animals can be saved.

The most shocking thing I learned was that wildlife rehabilitators receive no monetary support from the state for the critical work they do–not even to cover direct expenses like vet bills and food. We all need to help when we can. Check out Charles Paxton’s blog for more details.

Here’s a few more links you might want to use:

Leslie Albritton’s FB page

Micha Petty’s Indiegogo fundraiser

LMNaturalists-NE-3rd Quarter Meeting-8.28.18

Bottle Cap Owl

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