T-shirts! They are on our agenda for the December 9 meeting at Poverty Point. By the time t-shirt weather rolls around once again, I hope we will have t-shirts of our very own.

Kim Paxton has been busy generating designs, while Suzanne Laird and I have egged her on with ideas. Here are the four best results of her labors:



lmn bear sniff blue


LMNAB 9.6.18


So… I’m not going to say much about these. I do have a fave, but I think they are all really great. The group needs to decide which one(s) to use and how. Here are some options I think we have:

  • Keep our current logo of the Anhinga inside our name that was provided to us by the statewide Association, print it small on the front of a t-shirt, and choose one these designs to print large on the back.
  • Toss the logo provided by the state, choose one of these, and make it our new logo for everything. Print it large on the back of a t-shirt and small on the front or leave the front blank.
  • Keep the state-provided logo for the website and make a series of t-shirts, using two or more of the designs – and, over time, a few more! In fact, the Arkansas Native Plant Society has a whole bunch of great t-shirt designs. They are a larger organization than we are, but, hey, we’re growing. We could add to the series. I’m sure all of you could suggest some additions.
  • Make this our logo, put it on the front of a t-shirt, and go for something completely different, perhaps that doesn’t include our name, for the back of a t-shirt.

Please be thinking about these options and your preferences, and come Dec. 9 prepared to discuss.

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 8.29.56 PM

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