All systems are go for the Birds Workshop this Saturday, January 12. Here’s the flyer:

workshop 7 flyer

Please print as needed. I won’t repeat everything below, but here are the highlights:

We convene on the LaTech Campus at 9 a.m. for classroom instruction.

Over the lunch hour, we will travel to Lake D’Arbonne Spillway for field work, and if we want to see more birds, we’ll go to nearby Lake D’Arbonne State Park for more birding. It costs $3 to get into the park. Be prepared!

You can register online through PayPal by clicking on the “Certification” tab above then on the PayPal button provided. If you want to pay on site, please come 15 minutes early and please let me know your plan.

And here’s a gorgeous cardinal from the 1st Day Hike at D’Arbonne State Park. He just wouldn’t come out of the thick stuff for me!

Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)

See you Saturday!


One thought on “Birds Saturday!

  1. Reblogged this on Wild Open Eye – Natural Vision, News from Wild Open Eye and commented:
    For any of us interested in studying birds, this Louisiana Master Naturalists Northeast workshop could be just the event! 2018 was declared to be the ‘Year of the Bird’ in commemoration of the law passed in 1918 that protects migratory birds within the USA. I was pleased to read a superb National Geographic magazine article about birds from their January 2018 edition. Thankfully it is illegal to harm any migratory birds and that includes a great many species, including both species of vulture that we see in Louisiana. The Turkey Vulture that is believed to have the best sense of smell in the world and also the Black Vulture, that is more of a visual hunter. We have often seen these birds associating with each other at roost and it is interesting that their complementary sensory powers help ensure that carcasses won’t go to waste.


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