I almost titled this post “Mammals Wearing T-shirts,” but decided that was too clever by half. Nevertheless…..

sizanneTime to register for our 8th certification workshop, Mammals of Louisiana, scheduled Feb. 9, 9 am – 3 pm. The registration link is now ready on the Certification page of this website.

Reminder to Kalem Dartez, David Hoover, Susan Hoover & Frances Rogers: This is your 7th workshop. You do not need to pay, but you do need to let me know if you will attend.

The Workshop 8 Flyer link is also ready for you to click and download/print. We will meet on the ULM campus; I’ll send out the room # and building via email as soon as I get that form Dr. Kim Tolson, our workshop leader.

We will go to Russell Sage Wildlife Management Area for field work. That means everyone will need a Louisiana hunting or fishing license. It’s easy and cheap. I just renewed mine in about 5 minutes. If you’ve never had one, it’ll take you a bit longer but…. no biggie.

Go here: Buy A License I recommend the basic “hook and line” license, commonly called the cane pole license. It’s $2.50 with a $2 convenience fee, and and I donated an extra $2 to “Hunters for the Hungry.” For $6.50, I’m set and the license is now waiting on my desktop to be printed.


What else? Dr. Tolson says she doesn’t mind us “getting distracted by other taxa” while we are out looking for mammal sign. He he! That would be us. And she’s game for helping us make connections between other taxa and mammals. We should have a rich species list at the end of this workshop!!


BTW, I have an extra pair of boots that I’ll have in my car in case someone needs them.

And the t-shirts, in case you’re wondering, are $20@. You can pay for one on the “Gift Shop” tab above and get it at the workshop or pay for shipping and Kim Paxton will mail it to you.

I’m sure Kim and Charles will also bring t-shirts to the workshop to sell, but let us please remember, they are also Master Naturalists in training. Let us not turn our workshops into “shameless commerce,” as Click and Clack like to say, and distract our fellow Master Naturalists from their own enjoyment of the experience. Please come early or stay a few minutes late to do business at a workshop.

And away we go… on another workshop adventure.


3 thoughts on “Mammals of Louisiana

  1. I purchase the 0073 Wild Louisiana Stamp for $9.50 at Walmart. This is a license. Since I don’t hunt or fish any more, I prefer this to more accurately show how I use the WMAs.


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