So, the weather got the better of us. (See the map I posted on Facebook.) I can be kind of hardcore about not letting the weather change plans, but… occasionally sense–and concern for safety–must prevail.

Our next workshop will be Basic Plant Identification with Dr. Charles Allen. It is scheduled May 4, 9 – 3.

Dr. Allen
Dr. Charles Allen at our 2018 workshop. (©Charles Paxton)

We still have not pinned down a location. However, I can tell you that the ULM Biological Station was again flooded just a couple of weeks ago. If it does not clear in time, we will do a repeat of last year or go to the nature trail near the Columbia Lock & Dam.

IMPORTANT: If you paid for Bugs, you have three options: 1) Leave the money as is to cover the Plant ID workshop, 2) leave the money as is to cover the Bugs workshop June 1, or 3) ask for a refund. Please just let me know via email which option you prefer.

The bugs workshop is hereby rescheduled June 1, 9-3 at La Tech, and I for one am hoping for good weather so we can go to the La Tech Arboretum for field work.

IMGP9405 72-15 flipped
Speaking of bugs, here’s an Orchard Orbweaver (Genus Leucauge) from the St. Mary’s Falls Trail at J. C. “Sonny” Gilbert WMA. (©Bette J. Kauffman)

In the meantime, here are more events to keep you entertained and outdoors!

Saturday, April 20, 10 a.m.: Earth Day at Black Bayou Lake NWR, brought to you by Ouachita Green. We will have a table. Help wanted! Fun activities for the whole family!

Monday, April 22, 6:30: Grand opening of the alligator exhibit at Black Bayou Lake NWR, followed by a talk about alligators by Kelby Ouchley. Bring your copies of Kelby’s books to get them signed, and if you don’t have them, I’m sure the FOBB gift shop will be open.

Sunday, April 28, 1:30 – 3: LMN-NE will have a table at the celebration of Earth Day in Ruston on the grounds of the Civic Center. I will be there with all of our stuff. Again, help wanted! Fun activities for the whole family! Flyer below. Please note that Amy Ouchley will be sharing a letter from Swamper!

Earth Day Celebration 2019


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