So… Bugs was to be the first workshop of Round Two, but it had to be rescheduled due to weather. Thus, the honors for kicking off our second cycle of certification workshops goes to a repeat of Basic Plant Identification with Dr. Charles Allen.

Those of you who participated in this one last year know we had a blast, but you are welcome again! I have taken multiple Charles Allen plant workshops over the years and still have a ton of stuff to learn. Moreover, this one will not be an exact repeat. More on that in a minute.

The link to register for Basic Plant Identification is ready for you on the Certification tab of this website, as is the flyer. Those of you who registered for Bugs and left your money in the LMN-NE treasury do NOT NEED TO REGISTER. (I’ll send out an email about that shortly.)

If you did not register for Bugs, please register for Basic Plant Identification asap so I know how many copies of Dr. Allen’s handouts to make.

We will again meet at the Chevron station in Georgetown and conduct the “classroom” portion of the workshop under the canopy in the parking lot. For field work, we will caravan to nearby locations in the Kisatchie National Forest. The Chevron station will be home base and pit stop at noon. The staff there is looking forward to our food and/or gas business!

Left: Turquoise Bluet (Enallagma divagans). Right: Oklahoma Clubtail (Phanogomphus oklahomensis).     ©Bette J. Kauffman

Here’s what’s different. Georgetown has ended access to its reservoir. We can’t go there. That made me sad because we saw lots of cool plants there last year, but last Friday I scouted a new area in the Kisatchie about 3 miles down Highway 500 from the Chevron station. We’ll turn north off of Highway 500 onto Forest Service 568 (gravel) and in a few miles, the road crosses a stream and nice, wide trails extend east and west into the forest.

I walked just a short distance down both trails Friday and saw lots of cool stuff worthy of our attention. Indeed, I came home with photos of new dragonfly and damselfly species! Of course, I’m not going to spill the beans on what plants I saw. Come and see!

Right now, the weather forecast for Saturday is “mixed clouds and sun with scattered thunderstorms.” To me that’s a go ahead, but I plan to have a rain poncho in the camera bag! Do check your email and the FB page Friday.


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