The fun will begin at 4 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 15, at Black Bayou Lake NWR Visitor Center with a Christmas Party. The business is a Board of Directors meeting that will precede the party at 3 p.m.

So let’s talk about FUN first! All LMN-NE members and their families are invited. Please bring holiday finger-foods to share. Suzanne Laird–Dartez will bring a beverage. I might, too, like a couple of bottles of sparkling wine!

If you wish to participate in a gift exchange game, modeled on the “white elephant” or “dirty Santa” games (but featuring nothing dirtier than, perhaps, actual dirt), bring a nature-themed gift in the $15 price range. Nature books, field guides and/or outdoor gear are all viable options. (Participation not required.)

Thanks, Suzanne, for organizing this!

Business: The Board of Directors meeting will begin at 3 p.m. I’ll distribute a tentative agenda to those folks at a later date. For the moment, as I indicated at the last members meeting, we need to be cognizant that our By-Laws require officers to be certified Master Naturalists. That was not possible in the beginning. Now as we move into our third year as an organization and have certified Master Naturalists plus several more soon to be certified, we need to come into compliance with our By-Laws.

Here’s a list of current Board members and officers: Bette Kauffman (Pres & State Board Rep), Stuart Hodnett (VP), Nova Clarke (Secy), Charles Paxton (Treas & State Board Rep), Kimberly Paxton (State Board Rep & State Board Secy), Roselie Overby (Membership Secy), Suzanne Laid-Dartez, Jeff Barnhill, Stephanie Herrmann.

Two serious invitations: First, if you are on the Board and feel you cannot serve in that capacity as the organization grows and requires more of you, please let me know. Second, if you are not on the Board but are interested in becoming more active in the leadership of this developing organization, please let me know.

See you the 15th, at 3 for business and/or at 4 for fun!

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