We’re going to have some fun AND stay completely safe while doing it!

The Louisiana Master Naturalist Association Board of Directors recently decided that a face-to-face Rendezvous in April of 2021 was still too dangerous. Not enough of us are vaccinated yet!

So we postponed the face-to-face gathering for another year but decided to do some fun things anyway, all completely safely. April will be Rendevous month. We will have three zoom meetings of an hour and a half each spread out over the month of April, at least one of which will feature a keynote address by our Dorman Award winner.

Other activities we are working on include a photo/video competition, a scavenger hunt and a citizen science project. These will be designed so that you can do them individually or with small groups outdoors using proper pandemic precautions.

Screenshot of Rendezvous 2021 FB Group

Please note that the Facebook group is a private group because only Louisiana Master Naturalists can participate in Rendezvous. When you get to it, you will be asked to confirm that you are a member of an LMN chapter before you will be admitted to the group.

I and Charles & Kim Paxton are on the planning committee and much planning remains to be done. For the moment, however, I urge each of our members to go to the Rendezvous 2021 Facebook page and ask to join. That is where we will post info as plans develop and where we will feature activities as they happen.

Here’s a link to the group: LMNA Rendezvous 2021.

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