Everyone can take better nature pictures, and an opportunity to learn how begins Thursday of this week.

The LMN-NE Events Committee is offering a series of basic nature photography workshops via zoom beginning Thursday, January 20, at 5:30 p.m. The meetings will begin with a bit of introductory conversation as people gather, then focus on specific nature photography topics. Participants will share tips and tactics from their own experience.

Charles Allen and me at the cattail pond on the Charles Allen Nature Preserve near Columbia, La. I have no recollection of what I was taking a picture of, but very possibly a dragonfly. More importantly, I have no recollection of who made this photo. Anyone want to claim it? I’d love to give you credit.

Who knows? You might pick up an idea that will make a difference in LMNA’s statewide photography competition, offered each year in conjunction with our statewide conference, Rendezvous. The photo above would go in the “naturalists at work” category.

Master Naturalists from across the state have also been invited to this series, so you will get to meet some new folks. Charles Paxton is the host. To prevent zoom-bombing, the zoom link is not published here. Contact Charles via email at <lmnacoms@gmail.com> and he will email you.

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