It’s Earth Day and Herp Day at Black Bayou Lake NWR. Friends of Black Bayou (FoBB) and Louisiana Master Naturalists–Northeast (LMNNE) are pleased to offer a pair of hikes that will get you moving and learning.

A green frog (Lithobates clamitans), wonderfully camouflaged against the muddy bottom of Black Bayou Lake near the boardwalk on a recent LMNNE outing.

The first hike will kick off from the Visitor Center at 10 a.m. This hike was initiated by Girl Scouts but is open to families who want to join in. Several Master Naturalists and Friends of Black Bayou will accompany the hikers to point out interesting flora and fauna along the boardwalk and answer questions.

The second hike will begin at 6:45 p.m. in the Environmental Education Center with a short talk about frogs and frog sounds–with examples to tune our ears. The hikers will then circumnavigate the pond in front of the Visitor Center, then, as dark is falling, head down the boardwalk.

Daytime hikers are more likely to catch a glimpse of this western ribbon snake (Thamnophis proximus).

The frog chorus at night is a thing to behold. This hike is open to all who are curious about night in the swamp and interested in learning to identify frog sounds and other night critters. Herpetologist John Carr will be with us, as well as a number of Master Naturalists and Friends of BBL.

So come on out, day or night or both! Right now, the forecast for Saturday is partly cloudy, but protection from the sun is recommended for the day walk. For both walks: bring plenty of water, bug screen, and snacks if you need them, plus wear walking shoes.

See you Saturday to celebrate our Mother Earth!

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